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CSC Pediatric Speech Services is an out-of-network provider with all health insurance plans. If you wish to seek out-of-network reimbursement, we will provide you with the necessary documents to submit to your insurance. Payment is due at the time of service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you work with?

We work with children from 18 months to 12 years old. 

How long will my child need therapy?

The length of time a child will need speech therapy can vary depending on several factors, including the specific speech or language difficulties they are experiencing, the severity of their condition and their individual progress. 

Can you work with my child if they get speech therapy services at school?

Yes, we can work with your child if they receive speech therapy at school. In fact, collaboration between the school-based speech pathologists can be beneficial for your child's progress.

My child didn't qualify for Connecticut's Birth to Three (EI) / school-based services, can you still work with them? 

Yes, we work with many children who do not qualify for services through EI or their school district but still have speech and language difficulties that could benefit from intervention.

What are the signs of a speech and language disorder?

There are several signs that may indicate a speech and language disorder in children. It is important to note that every child develops at their own pace, but if you notice persistent difficulties in any of the following areas or your child becomes easily frustrated when unable to express themselves, contact us for a free consultation to determine if your child may need an evaluation.


Speech Development:

  • Difficulty imitating sounds or words for their age

  • Difficulty pronouncing sounds or words for their age

  • Leaving out or substituting certain sounds in words


Language Development:

  • Delayed or limited vocabulary for their age

  • Difficulty understanding and following directions

  • Trouble expressing thoughts and ideas clearly

  • Using incorrect grammar or sentence structure

  • Challenges with storytelling or organizing thoughts

What is play-based therapy?

Play-based therapy involves playful and engaging activities that will naturally target your child’s speech and language goals through play. This approach is child-led, meaning that we follow the child’s lead and see what they are interested in. Play therapy not only helps children improve their speech and language skills, it also promotes cognitive, social, and emotional development. 

How often do we come to therapy?

The frequency of speech services recommended can vary depending on your child's individual needs and goals.  Children can be seen between once a week to multiple times a week.  Frequency will be determined based on factors such as the severity, desired rate of progress and availability.

Can I be present during a speech session?

Yes, as a parent you are welcome to be present at your child's speech sessions as long as your presence does not interfere with your child's ability to attend. It is important for you to be involved and supportive of your child's progress. 

Do you offer free screenings?

Yes, we offer free screenings at local preschools and daycares in the community. These screenings are typically brief assessments to help identify any potential speech or language difficulties and determine if further evaluation or therapy is necessary.

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